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Why come to Gresford Skin & Laser Clinic for skin rejuvenation?

Sometimes it takes a little more than make-up to feel good about ourselves.  When those first signs of ageing appear, skin rejuvenation treatments can improve the radiance and tightness of your skin helping your skin to look younger and smoother with just a few treatments.

Our trained staff ensure that you are treated in a safe and suitable environment and we select our treatments and products carefully, only offering those that can deliver what they promise.

We listen to our clients, to understand their objectives and desires…

We comply with legal and professional standards.  We comply with legal and voluntary regulations, we select products that have been appropriately licensed; we use appropriately qualified and skilled practitioners for each type of treatment.



Questions and answers about CFT

How does the system work?

The system consists of intense light that is emitted in a series of short pulses. The light is directed into the skin, and then absorbed by small blood vessels within the epidermis and dermis. This causes the skin to heat up and causes very mild, reversible thermal damage to the epidermis. The skin acts to repair this by increasing the rate of production of collagen, which can ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in an improved appearance of the skin texture. Many people also see a more uniform complexion and pigmentation of the skin.

How is the treatment carried out?

The skin is thoroughly cleansed, and then a mild, relaxing skin peel is applied and left on the face for a maximum of 3 minutes. The peel is then removed, along with the top layers of dead skin, leaving the skin feeling smoother and refreshed. The skin is then cleansed again and a cool, soothing spray is applied to the face. The patient then returns 1 or 2 weeks later to the clinic for IPL treatment.

The IPL treatment involves the skin being air cooled and a soothing gel is applied to the face. The gel cools the face but also ensures optimal transmission of light from the laser applicator to the skin.

The rectangular quartz applicator is placed in contact with the skin surface. The light is pulsed through the quartz and onto the skin. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated. During treatment you will wear protective eye goggles and after the treatment has finished, the skin will be cleansed and moisturised.

Which patients can be treated?

The upper skin layer, the epidermis, contains melanin, a very good absorber of light, which is why it is the skin’s defence against harmful sunrays. The concentration of melanin in the skin is greater in darker skinned people and increases when the skin is exposed to UV light. The light emitted by the system will be absorbed by the melanin and heat the skin. The more melanin in the skin, the more heat will be produced so it is therefore not possible to treat dark-skinned and tanned individuals. The ideal patient is fair skinned but the computer has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different pigment types. If there are any areas of broken skin, the treatment should be delayed until the area has completely healed.

Does it hurt?

As the light energy is absorbed by the skin, it heats it up, and creates a mild pinprick, burning sensation. Most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable. No anaesthesia is required.

What are the side effects?

The visible light is completely safe so no special precautions are needed apart from goggles for the brightness. The skin of some patients becomes quite red immediately after treatment. However, most patients experience no side effects and the described skin reactions usually disappear within hours to a few days. Very rarely hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation or blistering may occur.

How many treatments are necessary?

IPL treatments are in courses of 6, with 3 mild pyruvic acid peels applied at 1-2 weekly intervals

Treatment sessions are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

The actual number of sessions needed varies from person to person, but usually about 6 IPL treatments and 3 peels are carried out, with top-up sessions as required.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Patients must avoid tanning and must not use any fake tan 4 weeks ahead of and during the entire treatment period to avoid excessive discomfort from excessive light absorption in the epidermis. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light, and strong sunlight should be avoided for 1-2 weeks. It is essential to wear a sunscreen every day during, inbetween and after any IPL/Laser treatment.

How long does treatment take?

A facial treatment usually takes about 30 minutes.
A skin peel usually takes about 30 minutes.

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