Laser Tattoo Removal

Why come to Gresford Skin & Laser Clinic for tattoo removal?

An unwanted tattoo was historically removed surgically by skin grafting, acid injections or salt dermabrasion – all very painful and often left scarring and skin discolouration in place of the tattoo.  Today, our trained staff are specialists in effective laser treatment and will ensure that you are treated in a safe and suitable environment.

We select our treatments and products carefully, only offering those that can deliver what they promise.

We listen to our clients, to understand their objectives and desires…

We comply with legal and professional standards.  We comply with legal and voluntary regulations, we select products that have been appropriately licensed; we use appropriately qualified and skilled practitioners for each type of treatment.


How does the treatment work?

Gresford Skin & Laser Clinic has invested in the ND:Yag Q switched medical grade laser for removal of Black, Purple, Red/orange tattoo inks. We also remove Green/Blue inks using our specialised RUBY laser. This latest technology utilises a beam of light that is just fired into the skin in extremely short pulses. The Laser light penetrates the tattoo ink particles without cutting or burning the skin.

The light is absorbed by the tattoo pigment – creating a reaction which breaks it down into very tiny particles. This heats the particles rapidly causing fragmentation of the pigment itself which is then absorbed and removed by the body’s lymphatic defence system – causing the tattoo to fade.

After a period of 8 weeks the laser treatment can be repeated to remove deeper layers of pigment, until the tattoo fades.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments required will depend on several facts

  • the type of pigment used – e.g. amateur (ink) or multicolour professional inks
  • the effectiveness of the patient’s own defence mechanism
  • the colour & depth of the tattoo

Amateur tattoos can take up to 5 treatments or more and professional tattoos, depending on the size and depth of the pigment, can take up to 15 treatments.


Is laser tattoo removal safe?

The laser light can seriously damage your eyes if protective goggles are not worn during the treatment process.  This is extremely important and mandatory.

Does it hurt?                                          

The Laser fires beams in short rapid bursts and the sensation is similar to a short sharp hot pin prick or the flick of an elastic band against your skin.  A skin cooling device is used throughout your treatment to numb the area being treated.

How does it look after treatment?

After the treatment the area will feel hot and can be red and swollen for the rest of the day.  Very dark, or large tattoos will remain tender and swollen for a few ays, occasionally this is followed by a scab or crust.  The tattoo will not look a lot different initially, but over the next few weeks will fade a little. Photographs are usually taken and stored digitally in your files to compare results between each treatment you have.

Are there any unwanted effects of laser treatment of tattoos?

In rare cases pigmentation changes or scarring can occur. That is why we insist on a skin test 1 week prior to treatment to minimise these risks.

Scarring is most unlikely, but it can occur in the form of some change in skin texture. This is more likely if you pick the scabs that occur.  There also may be loss of natural tanning ability in the area treated, which usually improves with time.

It is essential that tanned skin is not treated and you should make every effort to keep the area as pale as possible throughout the treatment period.  A very small percentage of tattoos inks will not respond to Laser treatment, and some colours can worsen.

Heavy professional tattoos may not completely go, and leave some residual but feint colour behind.

Is there an after care procedure to follow?

Avoiding the sun is essential and on brighter days it is advisable to keep the area covered if only with a ‘heavy’ plaster.  Also the daily use of a high factor, broad spectrum sun block is strongly advised – keeping the area as pale as possible.

Be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down to minimise the risk of scarring.  How you take care of the treated area will affect the final outcome and healing process. It should not always need a dressing as long as you can avoid picking or scratching the treated area.  If blisters form, they should be left to dry and resolve naturally – but you may be advised at the Clinic to protect them with a dressing.

How much does it cost?

A consultation taking approximately 30 minutes costs £20.00 and include all test shots with the Laser’s.

Prices are per treatment.

Your total treatment price will be determined at your initial consultation.

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